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​Rice cookers

     Taiwan is located between subtropical and tropical climate zones, where it is suitable for growing rice. Furthermore, the Holo and the Hakka that immigrated into Taiwan were originally from Fujian and Guangdong provinces, so it’s quite common for them to live on rice.

     In Taiwan, when it comes to cooking, TATUNG rice cookers will generally come to mind. This cooker with the light green color was originally designed as a multi-functional machine and produced by Tatung Company in 1960 in order to meet the needs of the many different Taiwanese cooking styles. People can use this pot to cook rice, steam fish, stew soup or even braise meat. Whatever cuisines you imagine, you can make with this cooker!

     Apart from it being a durable electric appliance, it is also easy and convenient for people to cook with. Therefore, it’s usual to find the TATUNG rice cooker in the kitchens of most Taiwanese households. For Taiwanese, the cooker is like a best friend! The instructions for using this friend in kitchen are quite simple. First of all, pour water into the pot and then put the bowl of food that you’d like to cook in the pot. After that, put the cooker lid on and press down the lever button. In the process of cooking, the lid will jump up and down due to the release of steam. Meanwhile, you will hear the “bo, bo, bo” sound that comes from the cooker as the steam escapes. When the cooking light goes out and the lever button goes up, the food is ready! But make sure you wait at least ten minutes before opening the lid because the high heat may burn you.

     Due to the rice cooker’s multi-functional features, many students from Taiwan take it with when they study abroad. With the TATUNG rice cooker, they can cook whatever they like, such as porridge, noodles, and rice. And believe or not, some students even use the cooker to fry steak!

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